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Sunset on Brazos River Freeport, Texas

Faith Baptist Church began as a mission out of the Twin Cities Baptist church in Temple Texas where Doyle Lawson was the pastor.  There were several families in the Freeport, after visiting several churches in the area, decided it might be in their best interest to start an Independent Baptist Church in Freeport.   That congregation of people began meeting in January of 1977. 

Doyle Lawson's sister was a part of that group and it was determined that we needed to seek his counsel as to how to go about the process of starting a church in Freeport.  Bro. Lawson made several trips to Freeport to preach for us and for counsel.  It was the church that he pastored that provided the authority for beginning a mission work and ultimately a church in Freeport.  it was through Bro. Lawson that the mission was put into contact with Bro. Eugene Blankenship as a potential candidate to pastor the mission work.  Bro. Blankenship was called as the pastor of the new mission work on February 9, 1977 and arrived in Freeport on March 6, 1977.  The first 10 months was a whirlwind of activity and change for the congregation.

During those first early months, the mission met in people's homes, what was then the music room at the Jane Long Elementary School, and on the second floor of what was then the First Freeport National Bank.  After meeting in these places for several months the Lord gave us an opportunity to rent what had been Goutroux Laundry on West Park just off 2nd Street.  Before the year was up our present location at the corner of 4th street and Velasco had been donated for the church's use.  It was a corner lot with a very small in much need of replacing house that had been converted and used for years as a church meeting place by various groups, the first of which had been a Baptist congregation that eventually disbanded.  Now after all those years a Baptist congregation was once again meeting on that corner and has for the last 40 years!  It was also during this year that the church purchased a home to serve as the parsonage for men serving as pastor of the church.

It was meeting in that little run down house converted to meeting place that the Faith Baptist Church was organized into an Independent Baptist Church on October 20th, 1977!

Bro. Blankenship resigned as pastor in January of 1978 and the new church was once again seeking a pastor to lead the congregation.

Several years later under the leadership of Bro. Thomas Beard the church commenced a building program to replace the little converted house they were meeting in.  After raising the money through the selling of bonds the men of the church pitched in and on Monday and Tuesday evenings and all day on Saturday eventually the present building was suitable to move in.  The church moved into the new facilities in April of 1981.

Faith Baptist Church has been pastored by seven men during its 40 year history.  As a church's history is often noted by the tenure of it's pastors the following may be of some interest.

Eugene Blankenship: March 6, 1977 - January 22,1978

Jerry West: March 10, 1978 - December 31, 1978

Thomas Beard: February 14, 1979 - July 4, 1982

Bill Sutton: August 18, 1982 - August 18, 1985

John Hare: September 18, 1985 - August 31, 1988

Jeff McEntire: August 27, 1989 - December 27, 1989

James McEntire: February 16, 1990 - Present

Assistant Pastor

Caleb McEntire: April 27, 2014 - Present

Faith Baptist Church's 40 years of ministry in the Brazosport area has touched the lives of hundreds of people.  The church has benefited from those who have played a role in advancing God's kingdom through the church here.  While there have been many who have come and gone each of them were here at a critical juncture and did their part to sustain the work in Freeport.  Many to whom have had the opportunity to minister and to help along in their spiritual development have moved on and we are thankful for the part we were allowed to have in their lives.  Only eternity will tell the extent of the impact made by Faith Baptist Church of Freeport.

It is worthy of special note that we have two charter members who have stayed the course for the entire time of Faith Baptist's existence.  Jim and Connie McEntire along with their four boys were a part of that congregation that began meeting in January of 1977.  They have been faithful members for the better part of their lives and have given blood, sweat, and tears at times to see that Faith Baptist stayed a viable option in Freeport.  They have served in practically every capacity over the years:  Sunday School teachers, Church Clerk, Treasurer, Pulpit Committee, church cleaning, building maintenance, yard mowing, hospitality hosts extraordinaire, event planners, encouragers, counselors, pastoral supporters, givers and just all round good church members laying it all on the line for the church of the Lord Jesus!  Having borne the heat and burden of the day they are to be honored!