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Pastor James C McEntire Jr

Pastor McEntire has been serving in the pastoral role for Faith Baptist Church since February 16, 1990.  He grew up in a family that faithfully attended and were actively involved in church work.  Some of his earliest memories are related to Sunday School and the two churches his family attended.

At the age of seven, after a evening service, he was troubled about his spiritual condition.  Mentioning his difficulty to his mom he was led to the preacher, Bro. Phillips who took a King James bible and opened the scriptures to him.  As he was confronted with being a sinner and in danger of judgment he, with child like faith, trusted the promise of God provided through the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  On November 5, 1970 that young boy was saved by the grace of God.

In 1977, at the age of thirteen, his parents were part of a small group of people who were instrumental in helping start an Independent Baptist Church in Freeport.  They started meeting in January of that year and the church was organized as Faith Baptist Church on October 20, 1977.  During that summer in the midst of a whirl of activity related to the starting of the new church the Lord began to deal with Pastor McEntire's heart about preaching the word of God.  After several weeks of wrestling and uncertainty about what the Lord wanted, Pastor McEntire surrendered to the gospel ministry on July 3, 1977, at the age of 14 and preached his first sermon on August 17, 1977.  Little did he know that he would eventually be pastoring the church that he was presently helping to start with his family and others.

Upon graduating from High School Pastor McEntire moved to Dallas, Texas where he attended the Independent Baptist College for one year.  For the next seven and half years he was personally tutored, trained, and educated by P. D. Taylor Pastor of the Pleasant Valley Baptist Church Dallas, Texas.  It was at Pleasant Valley under Bro. Taylor's leadership that Pastor McEntire developed his study habits, love for doctrine, commitment to bible truth, and had an opportunity to develop his ministry skills.  Pastor McEntire had believed that he would be used of the Lord to start a church somewhere along the Texas Gulf Coast.  His inclination in that direction was only partially correct.

At the end of 1989 Faith Baptist Church in Freeport Texas was again without a pastor.  The church had contacted Pastor McEntire on two previous occasions when they were looking for a pastor to see if he would be interested in coming in view of accepting the pastorate there.  Pastor McEntire declined on both occasions.  This time however, while not contacted by Faith Baptist Church, he felt the clear leading of the Lord to pursue the possibility of pastoring in Freeport if it met with his current pastor's approval.  With Pastor Taylor's approval he contacted the Faith Baptist Church and said that he would be interested in visiting in view of possibly pastoring the church.  The church agreed to have him come.  So, in January of 1990 Pastor McEntire and his young family traveled to Freeport for the weekend to discuss with the church the possibility of becoming pastor.  On that Sunday evening after services the church voted 18 for, 0 against, 2 undecided for James McEntire to become the Pastor of Faith Baptist Church.  He accepted the invitation to come as pastor that night and returned to Dallas to begin the transition to Freeport.

Pastor McEntire was ordained to the gospel ministry on February 10, 1990 by the authority of the Pleasant Valley Baptist Church Dallas, Texas.  He and his family made the move to Freeport on February 16, 1990 at which time he assumed Pastoral responsibilities at the age of twenty-seven.  For the past almost three decades Pastor McEntire has been faithfully leading the congregation in Freeport the church where he was called to preach as an adolescent in 1977!